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    Have you misplaced or accidentally lost the key to your office cabinet, which contains the crucially important business file that is absolutely instrumental in your major presentation that is due in hour? You may find yourself agitate and panic stricken, desperately thinking of way of retrieve that file from that cabinet. Relax, just give us a call, and we will ensure that our team of highly competent and well-trained professional locksmith experts and technicians reach you in no time and help you fix a key replacement for your cabinet and retrieve your precious file in no time!

    At Top Master Locksmith, our highly qualified, well trained and extremely competent professional locksmith experts and technicians are devoted and dedicated to providing you the quickest, most reliable and effective locksmith solutions in the least possible time to provide you our maximum assistance in your time sensitive situation. We genuinely care about the value of your precious time, and we provide the most effective and beneficial solutions, that can solve your issues in the most time effective manner!

    With the rapidly accelerating crime rate, and the significant increase in commercial thefts and burglaries, it is crucial for all services and retail business owners to ensure the maximum security of their premises, merchandise, equipment and all the funds lying inside your business outlet. Our professional locksmith experts and technicians are highly equipped and competent in provide highly advanced and modern technology lock systems that provide you unparalleled security and reliability. A credit to their years of experience and rigorously demanding technical training, our experts make an in-depth and detail analysis of all the possible security threats posed to the security of your business outlet based on its locality, location, surroundings, nature of business and all other related factors to provide you the most effective and beneficial locksmith solutions to best satisfy all your personalized and individual, sensitive security concerns.

    At Top Master Locksmith, our goal is to provide you the highly quality, standardized and efficiently manufactured locks, which are made with reliable and distinguished material, making our locks highly resistant and adherent to lock key replication or drilling by individuals who may plan to break into your premises. The profit factor holds no appeal to our devoted and loyal team of locksmith experts and technicians, we serve to deliver highly advanced, all-encompassing and powerfully secure services to our esteemed clients at highly economical and cost-effective rates.

    Our professional locksmith experts and technicians provide you top of the line, highly advanced and modern technology, high quality lock systems that provide effective security solutions to a wide and diverse range of locksmith concerns, our services include installing, duplicating and designing, superior quality locks for cabinets, vaults and safes of shopping centre, retail outlets, business complexes, factories, warehouses, banks, offices and trade centre among many others. All our equipment for locks and keys is highly standardized and has been manufactured with high quality and innovative technology, we employ state of the art, cutting edge technology to ensure the safety of your premises.

    Some of our most innovative, highest quality and highly advanced technology lock systems include:

  • Keypad Locks

    These locks work through a proper code which, when entered into the keypad, releases a small current that causes the lock bolt to disengage and open the lock. 

  • Key Card Locks

    This new and innovative, modern technology lock is operated using a flat, rectangular plastic car, which is commonly referred to as a key card. This key card stores a digital code which, when inserted in to the lock, causes the door to disengage the lock upon acceptance of the code. It rids you of all hassle of keeping or losing your keys, and effectively prevents key duplication or breakage to keep out burglars or any other possible threats to the safety of your premises. 

  • Secure locks

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