• Affordable Security Cameras in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas’ property crime rate is about twice the national average. This means you have to take extra steps to protect your most valued investment – your home.

    Installing a security camera system in your home is one of the best ways to deter intruders and discourage break-ins. Proper design and installation of security cameras can boost the security of your property and increase your peace of mind.

    There are many DIY home security camera systems out there, but they can easily be compromised. They don’t guarantee top-notch security. A reputable Las Vegas Home Security Camera Expert can help you choose and install a more sophisticated, foolproof system that incorporates the latest technology.

    Top Master Locksmith is one of the most reputable security camera installers in Las Vegas. Before we look at what Top Master Locksmith has to offer, let’s see what security cameras entail.

    Features of Security Camera Systems

    Security camera systems encompass surveillance cameras, network video recorder (NVR) or digital video recorder (DVR), and monitoring software.

    Top Master Locksmith offers a wide selection of high-tech equipment geared towards providing you cutting-edge security solutions. We guarantee top-notch solutions at the best prices.

    Our wide range of security cameras includes the following types:

    • Dome Cameras
    • Bullet Cameras
    • Hidden Cameras
    • PT Cameras

    Home security camera systems are equipped with a variety of features such as:

    • High-definition (HD) cameras
    • Infrared cameras for night vision
    • Wide-angle lenses for capturing expansive areas
    • Network/IP link-up
    • Smartphone remote control capability
    • Vandal-proof and all-weather proof for harsh conditions

    Choosing which type of security system to install in your home depends on a number of factors, including purpose, location, and prevailing weather conditions. An experienced Las Vegas Home Security Expert can help you choose the system that best suits your needs.

    What Makes a Reliable Home Security Camera Expert?

    If you are looking to install security cameras in your home but you don’t have an expert in mind, look out for these factors in your prospective Las Vegas security cameras installer:

    1. License and Certification

    For any camera installation project, it is imperative that you work with an accredited and licensed security services provider. You don’t want to disclose security-related matters to the wrong people who may expose your property to future vulnerabilities.

    1. Warranty for the Systems Installed

    If your security camera malfunctions and it has a manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll have to take it down and send it to the manufacturer. As you wait for the manufacturer to fix your camera, your security system won’t be offering you any protection. Fortunately, some security camera installers in Las Vegas offer additional warranties that will cover you during the waiting period.

    If you think a security system warranty is not important, think again. Anything could go wrong when you’re least prepared for it, financially or otherwise. Powers surges and natural disasters strike without a warning.

    1. General liability insurance

    It is important to find out if your prospective home security camera installer has worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. If they have insurance, you can rest assured they are professionals, not quacks or amateurs. Still, accidents happen during installation projects, and sometimes, even professionals mess up. If the installers are insured, you have peace of mind that you won’t shoulder any liability should something go wrong.

    Why Top Master Locksmith is the Leading Las Vegas Home Security Camera Installer

    Top Master Locksmith ticks all the boxes that define a reputable and reliable home security camera installer. For over 15 years, Top Master Locksmith has been one of the top security camera installers Las Vegas has relied on.

    We are a licensed and insured, locally owned and operated, security solutions provider in Las Vegas offering full-range residential security camera installations and services. We can help you choose the best security cameras for your home. Our highly-trained home security camera experts will install the cameras, including all the features that you need. After installation, we’ll guide you on how to use them for optimum protection of your home.

    We take pride in recommending and installing the best quality systems from leading brands like Bosch, Hikvision, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, Lorex, Swann, Digital Watchdog, Axis, and Pelco. We want you to truly keep intruders and burglars at bay and have peace of mind.

    Hire us to install and maintain your home security cameras if you are serious about quality service at an affordable price. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get a free estimate on security camera installation in your home.